8 October 2020


Arcane Is Pushing the Limits for Frontmatec

Frontmatec, world-leader in customized solutions for automation in the food industry, selected Arcane Technologies to provide a platform to enable their salesforce to present equipment catalog in a virtual way. The main challenge was to leverage on technology without falling into the trap of a solution not filing initial needs. Technical specifications of the equipment was not the main challenge but rather a simple question to be answered: would it fit in my facility?

Arcane Technologies designed and developed a mobile app to visualize Frontmatec product catalog in augmented reality (AR) without the need of having the actual machine within easy reach. Project engineers and managers are able to see products in 3D at 1:1 scale and at the customer’s facility. Seeing it early in the sales process allow to jump in the next phase quicker: integration needed, additional equipment required, etc. Additional videos, images and documentation are also packaged together.

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About Frontmatec

Frontmatec develops world-leading customized solutions for automation in the food industry, other hygiene sensitive industries and the utilities industry. We are especially renowned for our high-quality systems for the entire value chain of the meat industry – from carcass grading, slaughter lines, cutting and deboning lines, hygiene systems and control systems to logistics and packaging. With operations in Europe, the Americas and Asia, Frontmatec serves a wide range of highly respected customers, from local industrial players to large global food processors.

For more information about Frontmatec, visit frontmatec.com

About Arcane Technologies

Arcane Technologies is a software and hardware engineering company specialized in emerging and 3D interactive technologies. Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), interactive visualization, real-time 3D rendering are some examples. Established in 2007 and located in Quebec City, Arcane Technologies was selling its products and services around the world from day one. Our mission is to support businesses and mainly manufacturers to integrate emerging and 3D interactive technologies along 3 fundamental vectors: products and services R&D, products and service marketing and design, training and production.

For more information about Arcane Technologies, visit arcanetech.io

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